Brady Davis

Web Developer

Brady Davis Guitar Cutout

About Me

Hey there, I’m Brady!

I’m a Web Developer and music addict from Montesano, WA (~40 mins west of Olympia, WA). I graduated with my Bachelors in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University in 2022 and transitioned into my career as a web developer with Kinetek Media immediately after.

I also produce, remix, and master audio, music, and podcasts! I’ve been playing the guitar since the 6th grade and am obsessed with music production in all forms. Some of my favorite genres include: hip-hop, jazz, rock, neo-soul, and indie electronic.

In my free time, I’m usually in my favorite DAW Ableton Live producing beats with my sampler and guitar, cooking, playing with my two-year-old Goldendoodle / BFF Ellie!

Photo of Brady's Dog Ellie Near at the Park


Web Development

WordPress, Elementor, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, phpMyAdmin.

Responsive Websites

Fully mobile / tablet optimized builds are sure to “wow” on any screen.

Web Security

Firewall, SSL certificate (HTTPS), custom login URL, automatic updates, reCAPTCHA integration, etc.

Web Optimization

Multi-level caching, CDN content delivery, WebP image conversion, code minification, and more.

SEO Optimization

Google Analytics, index monitoring, meta tags, alt-text,  key-phrases matching and more.

Server Management

VPS or Cloud Server options with FTP access and LiteSpeed caching for ultra fast sites and hassle free hosting / maintenence.