Brady Davis

Web Developer

Spokane Soccer Center

Brady Davis Spokane Soccer Center Portfolio Screenshot

The Spokane Soccer Center is an indoor soccer club in Spokane Valley.

We were hired to redesign their old NBC SportsEngine based website on WordPress along with a full eCommerce shop using WooCommerce. This was the first project where I had to fully scale a WooCommerce store in live action. I imported all of the products (we’re eventually going to take better product photos) and used WooCommerce Bundles to create the team kits for their indoor and community leagues. We are currently building a free agency registration system as well that should be live soon after writing this!

This project gave me real world WooCommerce experience. I had to find and write multiple custom PHP scripts to disable / customize different features as well as getting really custom with the CSS as WooCommerce styling isn’t always friendly with Elementor.

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